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National Sector Federations

The Federation of Organizations organizes Cisl members on the basis of the sector to which the company, the merchandise sector or the body in which the workers and the workers are responsible for their work belongs.
In all Italian provinces, there is a headquarters of the Cisl Federation Associations where workers, pensioners, young people and immigrants can turn to labor disputes and many other care and assistance services provided by Cisl .
Click on the category that represents your sector and go to the nearest headquarters.
Femca – Chemical and pharmaceutical industry, oil companies, gas and water, mining, textile and clothing industries, tanning, leather and footwear, companies producing or working in rubber and plastic, ceramics and tiles, glass and lamps and related industries.
Flaei – Italian electrical companies, Enel and other electrical companies.
Filca – Construction companies, cement companies, lime and plaster, bricks, concrete and fibrocement products; Gravel and sand excavation, stone excavation and / or processing, and woodworking companies.
Fim– Manufacturing industry-metal mechanics (caravan, electromechanical and electronic, mechanical in general); Iron and steel industry, Tlc and shipbuilding.
Fist– Show, information and telecommunications
Make – Agricultural sector (agricultural workers, agricultural workers, floriculture and forestry, agricultural cooperatives, recruitment consortia employees and breeders’ associations, tobacco industry, agricultural consortia, contractors and employees local offices for biodiversity (cleaning and maintenance work inside Of woody areas). Food industry employees (bakery, pastry, etc.), food processing cooperatives and fishermen.
Ugc – Single and Associated Farmers (Farmers)
Fp – Public Administration and Public Services, Health and Public and Private Assistance, Ministries, Tax Agencies, Municipalities, Provinces and Regions, Non Governmental Organizations, Third Sector.
Cisl School – Teacher and non-teaching staff (Ata staff)
Slp – Gruppo Poste Italiane, communication and postal logistics, contracts and addresses, door staff,
Fit – Road transport, 
transport logistics, port, urban bricklayers, local public transport, bus drivers, controllers, railroads, aviation workers, flight attendants, controllers, ground personnel and riders, seafarers, Anas and Highways personnel.
Fisascat – Tertiary sector, dependent on companies belonging to the commercial, hospitality, catering and tourism; Worshipers, equestrians and totalizers, gambling houses, bingo, betting agencies, institutional workers and social service providers, civil servants of the US and NATO bases, family employees, employees and / or business associates Performing cleaning, disinfection, disinfestation, derating, environmental sanitation, small maintenance inside exhibitions, shops, offices and in general public and private local areas, including marketplaces and industrial wards.
First – Banks, financial, insurance and collection authorities.
Fnp – National Pensioners’ Union.
Fir – Scientific Research Area and Technological Innovation, both in the public and private sectors, including Cnr; Aeneas; High School of Health; ISPEL; Italian Space Agency; National Institute of Nuclear Physics; Istat; National Institute of Geophysics; National Institute of Astrophysics; Consortium Ego; Sincrotrone of Trieste; Istra; Isfol.
Cisl University – University professors, administrative staff, specialists, holders of scholarships, PhD students, contract professors, precarious readers, workers Academy of Fine Arts, Workers Academy of Dramatic Art, Workers Musical Conservators, Workers Music and Dance Institutes
Fns– Firefighters, Penitentiary State Forestry and Civil Protection Corps
Felsa – Workers given; Interim, project collaborators; Matches Iva; Autonomous, including: journalists; gas stations; street vendors; giostrai; Holistic doctors; Financial advisers, lawyers.
Cisl Medici – Medical Doctors and veterinarians of the National Health Service, contracted doctors, Doctors of the Parastat, State and other Public Bodies; Prison doctors; Physicians employed in private facilities, R.S.A., formerly IPABs, of Scientific Research Institutes; Free doctors – professionals; Doctors working in university facilities, who are employees of S.S.N.